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Prayer Letter Moshi Moshi

For those who want to read about our ministry news, prayer requests, etc. on an actual piece of paper, we write a prayer letter called Moshi Moshi occasionally (it used to be quarterly, but now it's more like yearly), and IMF prints and sends it out for us. If you would like to begin receiving it, just let us know. Your address will never be used for anything else but the prayer letter.

Click the following links to see any of the issues of Moshi Moshi since the time we moved to Osaka:
August 2016 (2 pages, 610 KB)
December 2014 (2 pages, 920 KB)
December 2013 (2 pages, 1.1 MB)
May 2012 (2 pages, 630 KB)
May 2011 (2 pages, 770 KB)
February 2011 (2 pages, 830 KB)
February 2009 (2 pages, 900 KB)
July 2008 (2 pages, 770 KB)
December 2007 (2 pages, 550 KB)
July 2006 (2 pages, 700 KB)
December 2005 (4 pages, 1 MB)
March 2004 (4 pages, 3 MB)
January 2003 (2 pages, 420 KB)
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