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Talking about Baptism

27 February, 2011 (21:57) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

Baptism Explanation Meeting

Four from this Alpha Small Group desire Baptism

Yesterday we had an excellent baptism explanation meeting. Keiko’s Alpha Course group is nearing completion of the course and several people were asking about baptism. Even though I am on sabbatical, I had stopped by the church office for some other things when Keiko saw me and asked if we could have a baptism explanation meeting immediately. So, at the end of the Alpha Course meeting, she invited anyone who wanted to stay to come and talk about baptism. A couple of people had to leave, but the rest of the group stayed. Three people asked to be baptized next month, and one more said he wants to get baptized this July when we have our OIC summer retreat at the beach. From this group, there are also three people who want to be trained to be Alpha leaders for the next course. Praise the Lord! And a super-big praise because Keiko, the group leader, was baptized less than a year ago right after she completed the Alpha Course.