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Signs of Changing Attitudes

3 March, 2011 (15:30) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

pen, a secular magazine, ran cover stories about Christianity two months in a row

The Japanese have shown great interest in Christianity several times during their history. But each time, various things happened to block the progress of the Gospel. Now, once again, there seems to be an awakening of an interest in Jesus and the Christian message. The people showing interest are still a small percentage of the population, but the interest in Christianity is still far stronger than at any time since the years right after World War II. Interestingly, the Japanese are going to the secular media to learn about Christianity instead of coming to church. The secular media is responding to this interest since book and magazine publishers are happy to print whatever sells. Please pray for the Lord to touch hearts and open minds to the truth! You can read more about this interesting trend in this Asahai News article.