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Let’s Keep Praying!

29 September, 2011 (21:41) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

It has been a little more than six months since the huge earthquake, monster tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in northeast Japan. The relief and assistance effort continues with many Christian groups participating. In some places, there are reports of Japanese people trusting in Jesus more than in the past. For example, one church in Ishinomaki […]

Blessed at Arie’s Concert

14 August, 2011 (22:31) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

On July 31st, we hosted a concert by Arie Moriguchi, a very talented singer who is currently studying music at Azusa Pacific University. Arie blessed us with her original music and testimony. I put some of the songs on my Dan4Osaka Youtube Channel. Click the photo for a quick sample; I know you will be […]

A Very Blessed OIC Summer Retreat!

22 July, 2011 (21:53) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

Praise the Lord! We had a great time last weekend at our Osaka International Church Summer Retreat. In addition to tons of fun, fellowship, and teaching, we also had four baptisms. You can see some highlights in the video below. Just click on the baptism photo and enjoy! God be with you!

50,000 Dutch Christians Love Japan

1 July, 2011 (08:55) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

In the Netherlands, 50,000 Christian gathered to demonstrate their love for Japan. All around the world, people are continuing to pray for Japan. Thank you for your prayers for Japan! Blessings!

Omoto Needs a Church Report #21

15 June, 2011 (09:58) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

Please pray for Zoe and her team of missionaries from Hong Kong as they continue to reach out to the Japanese in Iwate Prefecture who are still suffering from the damage caused by the giant tsunami of March 11th. This video was shot when we visited Omoto to ask about needs there. The Tsunami damage […]

Tono Volunteer Reports Video #12

1 June, 2011 (21:45) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

Please continue to remember to pray for Iwate Prefecture, Tono Base, and all of the Japanese suffering from the March 11th disaster and the volunteers serving throughout the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant radiation leak areas. This video shows CRASH volunteers at Tono Base reporting on their ministry work for the day. These volunteers […]

Eternity in the Japanese Heart

27 May, 2011 (23:34) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

This is the first of a new series of videos intended to encourage Japanese to learn about the Bible. The video shows Phoenix Hall at Byoudouin in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. The idea is that people will search for information about famous locations like this, enjoy learning some history and culture, and then learn a […]

Ofunato Noodle Factory Video #10

20 May, 2011 (21:05) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

This video is from Ofunato City where we met two people searching for the owners of the noodle factory which had been washed away in the tsunami. We still don’t know if the family who owned the noodle factory made it to safety or not, but we pray that they did. Karen and I are […]

Drive through Kamaishi City Video #5

10 May, 2011 (22:43) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

This video was taken out the window of the van as we drove through Kamaishi City from the port area to downtown. Most of the buildings that you see in the video were flooded up to the second floor or higher, but the Kamaishi seawall did slow the tsunami wave down enough to prevent it […]

Kamaishi City Ship on the Dock Video #4

2 May, 2011 (18:41) | Uncategorized | By: Dan

This video shows the Asia Symphony, a large ship, sitting on top of the dock. From this side, it looks like it floated up there gently, but the other side of the ship is badly damaged with dents and a hole, so it really took a beating before it came to rest here. I don’t […]