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Prayer Requests and Praise Reports
Newest Requests (from most recent Osaka Direct)

(1) Pray that the new book, A Walk With God, will touch many hearts for Jesus!
(2) Pray for the Cell Church Leadership Retreat December 26th-28th.
(3) Pray for wisdom for possible changes in the OIC organizational structure. As the church grows, some changes are clearly needed, but it is not so clear what steps should be taken or when.

(4) Pray for our regular weekly meetings - may the Lord be glorified in every way, every day!
(5) Pray that the people of Osaka might come to know Jesus. May the New Year be filled with many opportunities to share the Good News!

Ongoing Prayer Requests
  1. That the Lord would send more workers to the mission fields around the world, to Japan, and to our church planting team for Osaka.

  2. That the hearts of the Japanese would be opened to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  3. That the Lord would work in the hearts of Japanese pastors and lay Christians to give them a burning desire to share their faith with those around them.  That the Japanese believers might be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  4. That the church in Japan might have fellowship and unity that transcends denominational divisions and doctrinal disputes.

  5. That the Lord would give us wisdom for the ministry here so that our efforts to share the love of Jesus Christ might be as effective as possible.

  6. That the Lord would draw us ever closer to Him so that we might walk with Him daily in all ways.  That He might pour His Holy Spirit out on us to equip us with all that is needed for the ministry here.

  7. That the Lord would use the mountain of evangelistic literature and tapes that have been distributed over the years for His glory by leading Japanese to hear the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

  8. That the Lord would help new workers coming to the field to get established, to learn the language, and to minister effectively as soon as possible.  Pray that they would have the financial support that they need and that the Lord would watch over and protect and guide their families in all things. 

  9. For the Lord to be glorified in all that we do and for us to know Him better day by day.

Man praising Ongoing Praise Reports
  • For former short-term workers who are now on the mission field full-time or serving in mission positions at home
  • For the many friends that the Lord has given us here in Japan.
  • For giving us the most difficult (intellectually and emotionally demanding) and most wonderful (eternally rewarding) job in the world - sharing His love on the mission field.

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